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✍️Hi! My name is Eshan. I am currently a 2nd year student studying Information Technology at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. I like to explore new technologies and build practical world projects on them.

✍️I am currently exploring Web Development using MERN Stack.

✍️In the past I had also explored App development using Dart and Flutter SDK.

✍️With this I also have skills on languages like C++,C,Python and Java.

πŸ’«Also my hobbies include playing Cricket and Cooking real life and development stuff.

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Feb 2022 - Present

Ninja Entreprenur

Coding Ninjas

❖ I was selected for the role of Ninja Entreprenur.

❖ My roles and responsibilities include spreading word for Coding Ninja and its courses and also learning new skills with the community.

Jan 2022 - Present

Sawo Developer Champ


❖ I was selected as a member of SAWO Labs Champs Program.

❖ My roles and responsibilties include learning new Technologies with the community and spread the word for SAWO LABS.

April,2021 - June,2021

App Developer Intern

E2EM Technologies Ltd.

❖ The Home Automation app was fully designed and the frontend part coding was done by me.

❖ I also helped in giving ideas for the HOPP scooter app which led to the making of the app 12% faster and also attracted 500 more users to the app

May,2021 - Sep,2021

Core Member

Creativity Club,VIT

❖ A cultural club based in Vellore Institute of technology, consisting of budding enthusiasts who have a keen interest in organising creative events, live shows and so much more.

❖ I contributed by giving Event ideas and making poster designs for the club.

Jan,2021 - Present

Core Member

VIT Spartans

❖ VIT Spartans is a group of enthusiasts who like to encourage people to bring out their hidden talents and give them a platform to showcase it.

❖ I was the part of all the 4 domains of the club i.e. Technical,Management,Anchor and Media Cell.

Feb,2021 - Present

Senior Core Member

Apple Developers Group (ADG-VIT)

❖ I am the part of Technical Domain of the club and under that I am the part of Web domain.

❖ Being the part of the club I have completed 3 web-dev tasks that were given by the club to me.

❖ I also built a Discord bot for the club which will help the members of the club in getting to know about Apple articles ,the article frequency was set to 3 articles per day.

Aug,2021 - October,2021

Hackathon Evangelist

Hack This Fall 2.0

❖I was an extended Hack This Fall team member and I was selected for the role as I was passionate about Hackathons and communities.

❖ We were definetly able to make this Hackathon a successfull one as in total the Hackathon received 2500 registrations.

Aug,2021 - Present

AWS Educate Student

AWS Educate Student Community

AWS Educate Student Community India is a non-profit organization particularly formed for the cloud enthusiasts,for the lovers of cloud technologies and to make thew aware about the upcoming valuable events conducted by AWS web services community.

Sep,2021 - Dec,2021

GWOC 2021 Contributor

GirlScript Winter of Contributing

❖ I contributed my skills and knowledge to make the world’s largest multilingual repository.

❖ My Contributions considted of a total of 42 Pull Requests in 7 different domains.

❖ I was also the top contributor among 6000 students in 2 domains.

Dec 2022 - Feb 2022

SWOC Participant

Script Winter of Code

❖ It is an open source program that happens from December to February every year.
❖ I participated in the program and have been able to merge 9 successfull Pull Requests uptill now to the project PatternHouse

Sep,2021 - Present

Core Member

Google Developers group(GDG), Lucknow

Google Developer Group - Lucknow is a monthly meetup group focusing on developer technologies using Google Tools and products. Ranging from Android, to Google App Engine to Adword Campaigns.

Apr, 2017 - May, 2018

High School (CBSE Board)

❖ Passed with 94.1%

❖ Scored 100/100 in Information Technology

Apr, 2017 - June, 2018

Intermediate (10+2) CBSE Board

❖ Passed with 93.6%

❖ Scored 95+ in Maths,Computer Science and English

September, 2020 - Present

B.Tech in Information Technology (VIT Vellore)

Current CGPA-: 9.37

What i do

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Latest Works

all Web applications Flutter Miscellaneous
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Project Brief

⭐ What was the motivation?
As technology advances, we often aim for newer and better approaches for solving problems leaving behind the orthodox methods. Though, most of the things have been brought to our 6.5 inch screen, there's one thing which we feel, still needs improvisation- The Event Management System. The need arises mainly when one need to organise an event/ceremony outside our hometown. So instead of hustling around, worrying for contact details for best DJ, decorators around the city one just need to hop-on to our app and book his requirements for the occassion. With this motivation I have built this one stop app for all your occassion needs.
⭐ Why did I build this project?
There is always one market leading application which stays on top of people's head that satisfies all the needs in one go, incase of food delivery ZOMATO holds the cup and for cab services OLA makes it way to the top. People tend to comeback to these applications becuase the services give top notch supply for their demand.
There is no market leading application that provides all the services required for a hustling person trying to conduct an event in 5 simple steps,I built this application to bring together the customers and the companies, increase market sales reach and interaction, also drastically decreases the time and effort of an induvidual put for conducting and organising an event.

Project Info

  • Date - October,2021
  • Tools - Flutter (Framework), Dart, SAWO Labs, Twilio, StoryBlok API, Google CLouds API, Google Sheets
  • Github Link - Link
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Project Brief

Chats-App is an Application that makes the users chat among themselves. I have built this app using flutter framework and Dart language. The backend has been implemented using Firebase. The designing was done using Figma and the login and signup authentication was also performed using Firebase.

Project Info

  • Date - 2020
  • Tools - Flutter (Framework), Dart
  • Github Link - Link
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Project Brief

A simple prototype of an application that lets you learn any language and it has menus such as rewards, your current lesson and your profile. I have also implemented contact us page and login/signup authentication using Firebase authentication. Libraries used-:
cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2
firebase_auth: ^0.18.4
audioplayers: ^0.10.0
english_words: ^3.1.5
modal_progress_hud_nsn: ^0.1.0-nullsafety-1
flutter_signin_button: ^1.0.0
firebase_core: ^0.5.3
google_sign_in: ^4.5.9
url_launcher: ^6.0.4

Project Info

  • Date - May,2020
  • Tools - Flutter (Framework), Dart, Firebase Auth
  • Github Link - Link
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Ecomm Website

Project Brief

This is a project build usign MEAN stack and its a full clone of Amazon Website.

Project Info

  • Date - October,2020
  • Tools - MongoDB, Angular JS, Express JS, Node JS, Firebase, HTML, CSS, Typescript
  • Github Link - Link
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Project Brief

A website clone of tinder and here we can find dogs for onr another.

Project Info

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